Matthew 6:9 (NIV) This, then, is how you should pray:
“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.”

  1. What was your dad like?
  2. How is God like a good father?
  3. What exactly does “hallowed” mean? (You might look it up in some alternate translations.)
  4. Jesus taught us to start our prayer with worship. Why do you think this is?
  5. What are some practical ways we can incorporate worship into our personal prayer lives?
  6. One way to worship is to meditate on the various attributes of God. What are some examples of the attributes of God? (Google it.) How could you turn them into worship?
  7. Another way to worship is to reflect on the names of God. Again, what are some examples? (Again, Google it.)
  8. What are some favorite worship Psalms? Feel free to thumb through the Psalms. How could these be used in your personal prayer time?
  9. Music is a favorite way to worship for many of us. What are some of your favorite worship songs?
  10. How could you incorporate music into your prayer time?
  11. Let’s close in a time of prayer. Just for fun, let’s restrict this prayer to just worship.