1 Timothy 4:7b (NIV) Train yourself to be godly.

  1. What kind of athletics did you do growing up?
  2. What exactly does it mean to be godly?
  3. What does it mean to train yourself to be godly?
  4. What is the difference between training yourself to be godly and trying hard to be good?
  5. Imagine you want to run a marathon. You try really, really hard. How would that work out?
  6. Imagine you want to run a marathon. You train yourself for six months. What might that look like?
  7. Imagine you want to become a grateful person. (Surely gratitude is part of godliness.) You try really hard. How would you expect that to work out?
  8. What would it look like to train yourself to be grateful?
  9. Here is a slogan: set a low bar; go for ruthless consistency. How could that apply to training to be grateful?
  10. How many training goals do you think you should work on at one time?
  11. Do you think godly people try really hard to be godly?
  12. How is life better for those who train themselves to be godly?
  13. How can we pray for each other?