Matthew 6:11 (NIV) Give us today our daily bread.

  1. Give us. How are you praying this prayer these days? What are you praying for these days?
  2. Why do you suppose it says “daily” bread?
  3. What are we to pray for besides bread?
  4. Does this include emotional needs as well as physical needs? What other kinds of needs?
  5. Do you think we pray prayers that are too big and bold, or too shy and timid?
  6. What keeps us from praying big, bold prayers?
  7. Can you share a recent example of an answered prayer?
  8. Does God always answer this prayer?
  9. What hinders our prayer? What keeps our prayers from getting a positive response?
  10. What hinders our praying? What keeps us from a warm, robust, personal, meaningful prayer life?