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I love a good conversation.

I hate a boring conversation. Conversations about the weather and sports and cabbages and kings… these are fine… to a point. I want to go deeper.

I wrote these biblical conversation prompts to help you go deeper with your friends. Hope you find them helpful.

Each conversation prompt consists of about 12 questions.

The idea is to get together with a friend, chat for a bit, read the verse, then take turns asking a question of your choice about the verse. Let the conversation go where it will.



Good Questions Have Groups Talking


Other Conversation Starters

Grab a friend.

Grab a cup of coffee.

Talk about the Bible. One verse at a time.

Take turns picking questions—any order.

Make up your own questions—they will likely be the best ones.

No real leader. (Recognize that every initiative does need an initiator.)




Invite a friend.


World Changing.

One person at a time. One conversation at a time. Starting with me.

Just friends talking about the intersection between life and the Bible.